BREAKTHROUGH Holistic Healthy gut solution
Do you have any of these gut-related issues??
  •  Gut Discomfort: Bloating, Constipation, PMS, and a Toxic Gut are all things that can find relief with the Belly Rub
  •  Stress: 90% of Serotonin (the happiness hormone) is found in your gut and can be activated with the Belly Rub
  •  Anxiety: Reduce anxiety by massage with the Belly Rub
Why the Belly Rub?

Doctors recommend 12-15 minutes of abdominal massage to find relief for a multitude of gut issues.

The Problem: Massaging your own stomach is NOT FUN! 

Are you ready to find your relief? Your relief is found in the Belly Rub. The Belly Rub is set on a timer to automatically massage for 15 minutes so you can focus on relaxing!

Benefits you'll realize: Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, induces serotonin release (the happiness hormone) and much more...
You are one Belly Rub away from a good mood.
 * Easy-to-use rechargeable & portable...
 * Low Introductory price of $57 (plus shipping)  
   (the price will go back up to $107 soon)..
 * You owe yourself the relief & relaxation. Do it for yourself... 
From the Co-founder:

The Belly Rub was born from a real need. Stress from overwork at my corporate job led to severe stomach issues (I'm sure we've all experienced the work stress).

After I spent literally $1,000's of dollars at the doctors office (we've all had that fun experience), and without getting any helpful solutions (you've probably had similar frustrations), I decided to look for a holistic method of relief. 

I found that massage is a highly recommended form to get relief from a large variety of stomach issues and overall health ailments.

What did I do? I attempted to massage my own stomach but my hands would be tired after only a few minutes. What could I do?

I searched for a solution, but could not find a good one. I knew that other people had to be looking for the same relief... That's how the Belly Rub was born.

I can truly say that I now have a happy and functional gut and the best part is it was nowhere near the cost of all those doctors visits.

I hope you make the decision to have a happy belly too, I promise you won't regret it.

Very respectfully,

Jake Bollig

Retail price is normally $107, but you can get yours right now for a  one-time offer of ONLY $57 plus shipping...  
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